Tennis is a sport for all ages that teaches skills in tactical thinking, problem solving, communications, agility, sportsmanship and more.  It is one of the only self-regulated sports and keeps players fit, flexible and happy.  Experts say it can even contribute to a lifetime of continuing brain development.  There's no question, tennis is good for you!

Tennis at the Eugene Family YMCA was established in 1978, 100% driven by volunteers in the community who were anxious to create a tennis presence on the South side of town.  Our current tennis membership is upwards of 488 adult players and an additional 70 or more youth players.  We recently renovated our existing facility (the first since its inception) with the support of our Board of Directors and the tennis community and upgraded the lighting, the roof and some cosmetic changes.

The next stage in our tennis expansion will see the addition of two courts, showers, and a larger lobby/gathering space to accommodate teams, youth homework time and staff areas.  We will also devote 24 parking spaces to the tennis facility once the Patterson facility has been demolished and the remaining parcel sold.

Darryl Wisner, Tennis Director / 541-686-9622 x220

Lisa MacMaster, Senior Director of Philanthropy / 541-686-9622 x205

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