Ariel site plan of Bethel Community Park
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The Y will be on Legacy Street, off Barger Drive
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Once the main branch for the Eugene YMCA has been fully constructed, we will move on to our development of a West Eugene branch in the Bethel area.

After engaging in extensive focus groups to determine the specific need for the community in the Bethel area, the Y is thrilled about the prospect of continuing our work and reaching more citizens in Lane County. We have discovered a clear need for a place to gather in Bethel, for kids to play, for parents to relax, for seniors to connect.

The Eugene YMCA has already established a land lease agreement for a parcel in the Bethel area (at Bethel Community Park) with the City of Eugene. Construction of a new branch is fundraising dependent, but we've already started raising money and are encouraged by the community's interest in investing in a Y where more people can recreate, commune, learn and thrive.

Julie Grossman, Executive Director
julie@eugeneymca.org / 541-686-9622 x231

Dave Perez, Capital Project Director
dave@eugeneymca.org / 541-686-9622 x224

Lisa MacMaster, Senior Director of Philanthropy
lmacmaster@eugeneymca.org / 541-686-9622 x205

Jeff Oliver, Media Inquires
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