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NOW AVAILABLE - Virtual Check-in

In order for your Y to track virtual check-ins, we are asking ALL members to check-in every time they attend a live zoom, a recorded zoom, or a YouTube video class. Thank you, in advance, for taking the extra step so that we can track our impact during the Y closure.

To check-in, you will need your 
6-digit YMCA barcode located on your Y membership card or key card. You can also find your barcode on the the Y mobile app.

PLEASE NOTE: After you input your Barcode number and select NEXT, you are checked-in and the system will not give you a confirmation. 

If you cannot locate the number, please send an e-mail to or call us 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at (541) 686-9622 and we'll assist you.





Please check-in first with your 6-digit barcode.

Class Descriptions (PDF)

Recorded Zoom Class List

Chair Fitness with Brynne 4/15/20

Boot Camp with Lara 4/15/20

Flow Yoga with Brynne 4/16/20

Barre with Amber A. 4/16/20

Hatha Yoga with Cari Lyn 4/19/20

Low Impact Aerobics with Colleen 4/20/20

Gentle Yoga with Brynne 4/20/20

Boot Camp with Kim 4/21/20

Turbo Kick with Emily 4/21/20

Core Yoga with Amber L. 4/22/20

Chair Fitness with Brynne  4/22/20

Flow Yoga with Brynne 4/22/20

Boot Camp with Kim 4/23/20

Barre with Amber A. 4/23/20

Mat Pilates with Colleen 4/24/20

Cardio Dance with Lisa 2/24/20

Boot Camp with Kim 4/28/20

Turbo Kick with Emily 4/28/20

Boot Camp with Lara 4/28/20

Core Yoga with Amber L. 4/29/20

Chair Fitness with Brynne 4/29/20

PiYo with Brynne 4/30/20

Boot Camp with Kim 4/30/20

Barre with Amber A. 4/30/20

Mat Pilates with Colleen 5/1/20

Barre with Amber A. 5/4/20

Low Impact Aerobics with Colleen 5/4/20

Gentle Yoga with Brynne 5/4/20

Boot Camp with Kim (Gliders) 5/5/20

Turbo Kick with Emily 5/5/20

Core Yoga with Amber L. 5/6/20

Low Impact Aerobics with Colleen 5/6/20

20 Min. Basic Strength with Kim 5/6/20

Chair Fitness with Brynne 5/6/20

PiYo with Brynne 5/7/20

Flow Yoga with Brynne 5/7/20

Barre with Amber A. 5/7/20

Cardio Dance withLisa 5/8/20

20 min. Basic Strength with Kim 5/8/20

Hatha Yoga with Susan 5/8/20

Barre with Amber A. 5/11/20

Low Impact with Colleen 5/11/20

Gentle Yoga with Brynne 5/11/20

Boot Camp with Lara 5/11/20

Boot Camp with Kim (stability ball) 5/12/20

Kids Dance with Lisa 5/12/20

Turbo Kick with Emily 5/12/20

Core Yoga with Amber L. 5/13/20

Low Impact Aerobics with Colleen 5/13/20

Basic Strength with Kim (and Quintus) 5/13/20

Chair Fitness with Brynne 5/13/20

PiYo with Brynne 5/14/20

Flow Yoga with Brynne 5/14/20

Boot Camp with Kim 5/14/20

Barre with Amber A. 5/14/20

Mat Pilates with Colleen 5/15/20

Cardio Dance with Lisa 5/15/20

Basic Strength with Kim 5/15/20

Yin Yoga with Susan 5/15/20

Piyo with Brynne 5/16/20

Hatha Yoga with Cari Lyn 5/17/20

Barre with Amber A. 5/18/20

Low Impact Aerobics with Colleen 5/18/20

Gentle Yoga with Brynne 5/18/20

Boot Camp with Lara 5/18/20

Boot Camp with Kim 5/19/20

Kids Dance with Lisa 5/19/20

Turbo Kick with Emily 5/19/20

Core Yoga with Amber L. 5/20/20

Low Impact Aerobics with Colleen 5/20/20

20 Min. Basic Strength with Kim 5/20/20

Chair Fitness with Brynne 5/20/20

Flow Yoga with Brynee 5/21/20

Boot Camp with Kim 5/21/20

Kids Yoga with Brynne 5/21/20

Barre with Amber A. 5/21/20

Mat Pilates with Hilary 5/22/20

20 Min. Basic Strength with Lisa 5/22/20

Hatha Yoga with Cari Lyn 5/24/20

Boot Camp with Kim 5/26/20

30 Min. Kids Dance with Lisa 5/26/20

Turbo Kick with Emily 5/26/20

Core Yoga with Amber L. 5/27/20

Low Impact Aerobics with Brynne 5/27/20

Basic Strength (20 Min.) with Lisa 5/27/20

Chair Fitness with Brynne 5/27/20

Boot Camp with Lara 5/27/20

PiYo with Brynne 5/28/20

Flow Yoga with Brynne 5/28/20

Boot Camp with Kim 5/28/20

Barre with Amber A. 5/28/20

Cardio Dance with Lisa 5/29/20

Basic Strength (20 Min.) with Kim 5/29/20

Yin Yoga with Susan 5/29/20

PiYo with Brynne 5/30/20

Hatha Yoga (70 Min.) with Cari Lyn 5/31/20

Barre with Amber A. 6/1/20

Low Impact with Lara 6/1/20

Gentle Yoga with Hilary 6/1/20

Boot Camp with Lara 6/1/20

Gentle Yoga with Hilary 6/2/20

Boot Camp with Kim 6/2/20

Turbo Kick with Emily 6/2/20

Core Yoga with Amber L. 6/3/20

Low Impact Aerobics with Colleen 6/3/20

Basic Strength with Lisa 6/3/20

Chair Fitness with Brynne 6/3/20

PiYo with Brynne 6/4/20

Boot Camp with Kim 6/4/20

Barre with Amber A. 6/4/20

Pilates with Hilary 6/5/20

Basic Strength with Kim 6/5/20

Hatha Yoga with Susan 6/5/20

Hatha Yoga with Cari Lyn 6/7/20

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