The Y is open, and the adaptive equipment is available, however, the U Can Gym program is not offered during Phase 2.

For more information about Phase 2 please click HERE.




Yes, You Can with the U Can Gym Adaptive Wellness Program!

Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Exercise is the best way to improve aerobic capacity, strength and endurance. This better enables you to transfer, navigate obstacles, improve sensory perception and gain range of motion.

At U Can Gym, you will:
- Enjoy a supportive community

- Improve mental focus
- Improve bone strength
- Supplement your sport training program

A Wellness Coach is available to offer some assistance, guide you or create a workout so you can work out on your own. If you require full time assistance, please bring a personal attendant with you.

For More Information:
Jenny Adams, Wellness Coach / 541-686-9622