Lessons are a great way to improve your game, gain skills, discover a new sport and meet people!

Lesson Descriptions:

QUICK START (Ages 10 & Under)
It's a whole new ballgame for kids tennis! With QuickStart Tennis, the equipment and courts are tailored to suit the needs and abilities of kids. Using the QuickStart Tennis format allows kids to rally back and forth over the net right away and enjoy the game right from the start.

TENNIS STRATEGIES 1 (Ages 10 – 13)
This class is designed to be fun and interactive for the beginner and intermediate player, all while meeting the current needs of the player. We'll teach core concepts, such as correct techniques in ground strokes, volleys, serves, overheads, and specialty shots such as drop shots and lobs. Tennis strategy and point construction is introduced and well as sportsmanship and integrity on the court.

TENNIS STRATEGIES 2 (Ages 13 - 18)
This class focuses on the fundamentals of match play, having fun and making friends. Designed for the intermediate to advanced player, students will learn the importance of each point and be given strategies to develop their natural skills in both singles and doubles match play. Good sportsmanship and encouragement of others is expected.

VARSITY (Ages 15 -18)
This class is for High School Students that are playing playing year around competitive tennis in tournaments or on their Varsity Team. Participants must be committed to improving all aspects of their game both during class and outside of class. Practices will be focused on developing skills and eliminating weaknesses. Many game situations will be used to understand and implement tactics and strategies.


ADULT TENNIS LESSONS (Ages 15 years and older)
Our Adult lessons are perfect for beginner or intermediate players who what a fun, effective, professional and encouraging environment to learn to play tennis and build skills.

How Do I Register?
You can register for Tennis Lessons at the YMCA Tennis Center or online by clicking here.

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For More Information:
Darryl Wisner, Tennis Director
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